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This body of work was created after my arrival in Newfoundland from Toronto; it was fertilized by the drive across the country to reach this place. Coming from a place of human proportions; everything is new to me here. The scale is epic. Rock and trees, lakes and the ocean. You can become consumed by the vastness; the enormity of ground you could cover. Or, you can become consumed by the details; the lichen and mosses can bring you to a standstill.

While being an extension of my previous painterly pursuits, this work is a clarification of my ideas regarding the landscape in abstract painting: through abstraction we are able to see both the microscopic and the macro views through layers of one another in a unified plane.

These pieces are created from a longing for a space and place which is within our reach but outside the realm of human experience; they create an experience that is formed from memories and desires. They have a seductive quality which draws the viewer in and suggestive details which hold their attention. I construct my paintings from many translucent layers of colour to create a deep rich space.

These pieces were created in response to a particular place yet I feel they reflect the essence of the Canadian landscape in a way that is fresh and distinctly contemporary. Using references to film and digital photography I am re-iterating the mediated way that we experience the world; often through a window or a screen, rather than having a direct encounter. I use this method to call into question how we distance ourselves from our surroundings while living in them.

Aleksandra Rdest

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2002    Graduate Ontario College of Art and Design

Solo Exhibitions
2008    Postcards From the Void, Tatar Gallery, Toronto
2007    New Work: Pouch Cove, James Baird Gallery Flower Studio, St. John's
2003    Pari Nadimi Gallery, Toronto

Royal Bank of Canada, Toronto
Holt Renfrew, Toronto
Canaccord Capital Corporation, Houston
Burnac Corporation, Toronto
GMP, Montreal
Private Collections

2007   Short listed for the RBC Painting Competition

Media Coverage
"BlogTO" Profiles of emerging artists
"Na Luzie" OMNI Television's Polish-language culture program; feature segment, December 2008
“Glowing Reviews for Aleks Rdest” Current Magazine, August 2007
Angela Antle, Interview, CBC Radio July 22, 2007
"Aleks Rdest's Paintings" Current Magazine, March 2007
"Living in NL" CBC Television St. John's, March 5, 2007
Hohmann, Skye. “Interview with Aleksandra Rdest” Rind Magazine , rindmag.com

Professional Experience
2008    Present: Associate, Tatar Gallery
2003 – 2006    Director, Tatar Gallery
2002    Assistant Director, Tatar Gallery
2002    Gallery Assistant, Angell Gallery

Selected Group Exhibitions
2009    Impulse Equation, Switch Contemporary, Toronto
2009    By Degrees, Sopa Fine Arts, Kelowna
2009    Pool NY Art Fair, New York
2009    Works on Paper, Sopa Fine Arts, Kelowna
2008    SOPA Fine Arts, Kelowna
2007    ? Group Exhibit, Bjornson Kajiwara Gallery, Vancouver
2007    Fuzz, Newzones, Calgary
2007    Le Soleil Noir, Tatar Gallery, Toronto
2006    My Secret City, part of Nuit Blanche Toronto
2006    Spell, Thames Art Gallery, Chatham, ON
2006    Galerie D'Este, Montreal
2006    In Transit, Gosia Koscielak Studio and Gallery, Chicago
2006    NOVA Art Fair Chicago with Gosia Koscielak Studio and Gallery
2006    Young Toronto Painters, James Baird Gallery>Pouch Cove, NFLD
2006    Generated Habitats, 2-1022 Queen Street West, Toronto
2005    Spell, Mendel Art Gallery, Saskatoon
2005    Spell, Robert McLaughlin Gallery, Oshawa
2005    Big Show, 1139 College Street, Toronto
2004    Trans Tokyo, Propeller Centre for the Arts, Toronto
2004    Trans, Big Studio Gallery, Yokohama, Japan

Scholarships and Grants
2007   Canada Council for the Arts Production Grant
2002   David L. Stevenson Scholarship
2001   A.V. Issacs Tuition Scholarship

2008    Magenta Foundation's Publication Carte Blanche: Painting
2007    RBC Painting Competition, Semi Finalist Exhibition Catalogue
2007    Pouch Cove Foundation Fundraiser 2007, Art Auction Catalogue, Toronto
2006    Skye Hohmann, Generated Habitats, 2-1022 Queen Street West, Toronto ON
2005    Jordan Broadworth, Jonathan Forrest, Spell, Mendell Art Gallery, Saskatoon, SK
2005    Ann Ireland, Michelle Jaques, Big Show, 1139 College Street, Toronto
2003 – 2005    Art With Heart, Casey House Art Auction Catalogue, Toronto

Related Activities
2009    Co-Curator, Upcycling: Recuperating Past Lives, A Pop up Exhibit in the Future Home of A+D
                Architecture and Design Museum, Los Angeles
2007    Artist Talk: OCAD painting thesis students,  
2006    Pouch Cove Artist Residency, Oct/Nov
2006    Co-Curator, Generated Habitats, Toronto
2006    Visiting Artist, Fanshaw College, London, ON
2004    Co-Curator, Trans Tokyo Propeller Centre for the Arts, Toronto

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