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My painting practice was prompted by my ongoing interest in print culture, particularly revolving around the visual language of comic books and architectural illustrations. The concept of architecture is prevalent in the paintings in more illustrative forms, functioning much like blueprints for artificial worlds. 

An apparent process dictates the painted surface, revealing layers that indicate a pointedly ceremonial way of art-making. Various mediums and acrylic gels are mixed with paint and haphazardly spilled onto the prepared surface. Dark outlines encapsulate the spillage and the process is repeated over and over again in a tug-of-war struggle balancing control and accident. The stylized forms and colors associated with the design and comic medium both merge and deny that of painting, simultaneously bringing two forces together to formulate one tumultuous landscape. 

The medium of drawing factors greatly in my attempt to possess spaces, mainly because it is the fastest, most spontaneous response I can muster. It requires little contemplation and for me, it is the compromise between monotonous activity and autonomy. 

There are repeated motifs in my mark-making. These gestures reflect my interest in symbiotic environments, often hinting at encapsulated organisms each participating discreetly in ritualized processes and perpetually functioning as catalysts. I believe that in the construction and arrangements of marks, I am changing spatial perceptions and influencing the 'landscape' or working area. I feel that my work is architecture, if in a more virtual rather than physical sense.


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Adele Chong - Turbulence in Heaven - click for larger image

Turbulence in Heaven
60 x 60 Inches 
acrylic on canvas
Adele Chong - Champeen of the World - click for larger image

Champeen of the World
54 x 54 Inches 
acrylic on canvas
Adele Chong - Open-Legged Rocker - click for larger image

Open-Legged Rocker
60 x 60 Inches 
acrylic & ink on canvas
Adele Chong - Dutch Courage - click for larger image

Dutch Courage
54 x 54 Inches 
acrylic on canvas
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Artist Statement

1978        Sarawak, Malaysia


2004        Master of Fine arts,
                Major in Painting  and Drawing
             Concordia University, Montréal, QC
2000        Bachelor of Fine Arts, Visual Arts
             University of Victoria, Victoria, BC


2003-2004    Instructor, Painting 200- Concordia University, Montréal, QC
2004        Storyboard Artist- Music video Semi-Sweet for artist Lederhosen Lucil
2003        Participant - Toronto Outdoor Art Show, Toronto, ON
2003        Contributing Correspondent- Parachute Arts and Culture Magazine
2002        Teaching Assistant, Video 300-Concordia University, Montréal, QC
2002-2003    Teaching Assistant, Painting 499-Concordia University , Montréal, QC
2001-2002    Teaching Assistant, Painting 200-Concordia University , Montréal, QC
2001-2002    Gallery Coordinator, MFA Thesis Gallery-Concordia University, Montréal, QC


2004        YYZ Artists' Outlet, Toronto, ON
2000        The Khyber Gallery, Halifax, NS
2000        Rogue Art Gallery, Victoria, BC


2002        Videographe Independent Video   Distribution, Montréal, QC


2004           ‘Going out with a bang’-  Review of The Scenic Route, Luft Gallery, The National Post
2004        Interview for CTV- New Brunswick Museum, Saint John, NB
2004    Round Table Public Discussion with the Artists of Ignition-
Leonard and Bina Ellen Gallery, Montréal, QC
2001        MFA Conference- University of Chicoutimi, Chicoutimi, QC


2004        Eastern Canada Semi-Finalist
        6th Annual Royal Bank Investments Canadian Painting Competition
2003        Honorable Mention - D.L. Stevenson Prize
        Toronto Outdoor Art Show
2001        BC Arts Council Senior Scholarship


2005        TBA- Optica Gallery, Montréal, QC
2004        The Scenic Route- LUFT Gallery, Toronto, ON
2004    Mirabilia, Thesis Exhibition- Bourget Gallery, Concordia University, Mtl, QC
2003        Choke-Hold- Bourget Gallery, Concordia University, Mtl, QC
2002        Big Reaction, Window Installation-Modern Fuel Gallery, Kingston, ON
2001        Kum Ango- The Khyber Ballroom Gallery, Halifax, NS
2000        Attention!- Rogue Art Gallery, Victoria, BC


2004        RBC Investments Painting Competition Travelling Show-
Edmonton Art Gallery, Edmonton, AB
McMaster Museum of Art, Hamilton, ON
New Brunswick Museum , Saint John, NB
Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art, Toronto, ON
2004        Berlin Constructions: Emergent Practices Today-
        Toronto International Art Fair, Toronto, ON
        Curated by Rhonda Corvese
2004        1st Annual Toronto Alternative Art Fair International-
        Toronto, ON, courtesy of LUFT Gallery
2004        Ignition- Leonard and Bina Ellen Gallery, Concordia University, Mtl, QC
        Curated by Michelle Theriault
2001        MFA Conference- University of Chicoutimi, Chicoutimi, QC
2000        Adele Chong and Marcella Moser: New Work-
        University of Victoria Visual Arts Gallery, Victoria, BC
2000        University of Victoria Graduating Exhibition-
        University of Victoria Visual Arts Gallery, Victoria, BC

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